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To submit music, books, poetry, or DVDs for review, please email your request with the subject line “Muruch Review Submission: Type (Music,Book,Poetry,or Movie), Artist/Author’s Name”. Tweeted submissions will be ignored/blocked.

For music submissions, please also include genre and/or artist (“RIYL”) comparison in the subject line and in the body of the email any audio and video links (Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Youtube links are best!), artist website. Mark any private links or songs to be held for a specific date as such, otherwise I will assume I may post your music and videos to Muruch. Digital album download links may also be included in the email or you may request our mailing address to submit a physical CD.

For poetry submissions, please note Muruch is not a traditional literary journal. We review poetry collections and share excerpts from poems posted elsewhere every Wednesday. Unpublished poets in need of a basic, foot-in-the-door publishing credit are welcome to submit 1-3 poems to be considered for publishing in full on Muruch. As a poet myself, I know how vital those early credits are. Be aware that we can’t pay you and Muruch is known more for music than poetry, but you’ll keep all your rights and just ask if you ever need the poem removed from our site.

Note: Submitting does not guarantee a review on Muruch. We will email you a link if a review is posted. Otherwise, please don’t pester us if you’ve already submitted music. We receive hundreds of submissions every day, so multiple emails just clog our inbox and annoy us – which does not encourage us to listen to your music! No reply means no review. Look on the bright side, it’s better than a bad review.

Music Supervision

In 2015, Muruch branched out into music supervision by curating the nonprofit, benefit album Muruch.com for RAINN and Muruch.com Presents: Allison Crowe. Any individuals or organizations interested in engaging Muruch for music supervision are welcome to contact us by emailing the address listed on the sidebar to discuss terms.


Muruch covers a wide variety of musical genres with mp3s, streaming audio, videos, and reviews of albums and live performances. There’s also the occassional review of poetry, books, films and televisiom shows, but music is definitely the central theme. You can read Muruch’s full history in this post.

Muruch’s RSS feed is syndicated on Hype Machine, Elbo.ws, Livejournal (see sidebar of home page for feed links) and we’re @muruchblog on Twitter. The site has been featured on VH1’s Best Week Ever Blog, The Woodstock Film Festival website, MSN’s Money Central Blog, Technorati’s Top 100 Music Blogs, and The Guardian’s website. Rolling Stone has reposted some of our concert photos on their site, University of Maryland cited us as an example of excellent critical writing and our reviews have been quoted in countless press releases, Amazon and Wikipedia pages and even album liner notes.

We have a very loosely kept weekly posting schedule as follows: new music/album reviews Monday and Tuesday, Poetry Wednesday, Throwback Thursday Videos, and Friday Playlist of what I’ve been listening to during the week.

Musical Mascot: Muruch has helped promote independent, Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe more than any other artist from almost the beginning of her career to her recent cameo in the summer blockbuster Man of Steel. We consider her the site’s musical mascot and she and her “personable manager” Adrian are as much a part of the Muruch family as our writers.

We’ve also championed many other new, unknown, and often unsigned artists in our Surfacing series that went on to much greater success, such as Gaba Kulka, Amanda Palmer, She & Him, Lorde, and Soak.

Other posts of note include:
Muruch’s Top Albums lists
Current Reads
TV Schedules
Concert Reviews
Anaïs Mitchell: Hadestown
Vienna Teng: Inland Territory

The Writers

Unless otherwise noted, all posts on Muruch are written by Editor/Head Writer Victoria (Vic) and have been since Muruch’s inception in 1999. In the latter part of 2009, guest and freelance writers began contributing occasional reviews and photographs to the site. These include Editor Vic’s husband, Brn, and best friend, Heather, on the East Coast; Chicago reviewer Chelle; Mid-West photographer Jen “Coble” Hopper (whose photo is featured in the header); West Coast reviewer Laura; and Scotland/UK reviewer Jamie. You may contact any of the writers by leaving a comment on any post or emailing the address listed on the sidebar.


As with most review websites and blogs, many (though not all) of the cds and dvds I review have been provided by artists, labels, or PR firms as free promotional items. I also occasionally receive free tickets to concerts and other live events, but I only accept them if I’m already interested in the performers.

These practices do not influence the content of my reviews other than allowing me to review far more than I would be able to afford otherwise. I always strive to be honest in my writing, whether I’ve paid for the item or not. I only review things I really like, I point out any parts that I dislike, and I only give completely positive reviews when I feel they are truly deserved. For every free CD I receive and review, there are piles of promos I don’t review because I don’t like them.

These are the only perks I receive from this site. I do not get paid to write reviews and, as of 2014, Muruch is an ad-free site. Muruch is a completely voluntary, almost full-time, labor of love – my love of music and my love of writing.

All of the mp3 links, Soundcloud streams and Youtube videos on Muruch are 100% free and legal, and are posted with the permission of the artists, record labels, or their PR reps. All active audio and links and embeds are hosted by the labels or PR companies on their own servers or third party sites like Soundcloud or Youtube, and those corporations are entirely responsible for any licensing fees for internet use.

If you have any question regarding my right to post audio or video file, please email me and I will gladly forward you proof of my authorization and remove the file in question if you have a valid reason for me to do so. If you have a dispute regarding licensing or any other kind of fee, you will need to contact the label or PR company behind the upload as I have no authority or responsibility in such matters.

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