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Due to financial constraints caused by the current pandemic, I won't be renewing the plan that automatically forwards to this site hosted on WordPress. Starting May 1st, you will need to use Muruch's direct url: I sincerely hope all of you readers are well. Thank you for sticking with me all these years.

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Muruch Turns 20

July 1, 2020 marked 20 years since I launched the original Muruch music blog to share music I loved with my friends. You can read some of Muruch's┬áhistory in this old post. I had hoped to have a big celebration this month with exclusive offerings from some of the many artists I've featured here in... Continue Reading →

Sarah Fimm: New Instrumental Album, There Thy Beauty Lies

Sarah Fimm has gifted us with the perfect comfort music in this time of global distress. There Thy Beauty Lies is an exquisite collection of piano and string instrumentals. Available for free streaming or $7 download at Bandcamp. Sarah Fimm: There Thy Beauty Lies on Bandcamp

Muruch 2020

Not dead yet! Just busy with my day job, activities related to my debut poetry book, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, and my new position as Contributing Editor for Barren Magazine. Muruch turns 20 this summer. I always envisioned 2020 as being this site's last year, mostly because I never wanted to be a... Continue Reading →

Muruch’s Top 10 Albums of 2019

To paraphrase my old, beloved music blog peer Said the Gramophone, please forgive Muruch for not posting much in 2019, it's very old. Like STG's Sean Michaels, I've been blissfully busy being an author instead of a critic. My debut poetry book, Give the Bard a Tetanus Shot, was published in September and it's been... Continue Reading →

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