Tom Jones: Spirit in the Room

I really wanted to hate this album, or at least feel indifferent enough to ignore it. I tried, really I did. I didn't even listen to the unrequested advance promo I received. Then a second promo arrived from Jones' record label, so I thought I'd see how bad it is while I mopped the kitchen... Continue Reading →

Anais Mitchell: Hadestown

Ana├»s Mitchell is already known as a phenomenal singer-songwriter, but now she has proven herself to be a brilliant poet and playwright with her new album Hadestown. This studio recording of Mitchell's "folk opera" will be released on March 9th by Righteous Babe Records, and features such well known guest vocalists as Ani Difranco, Greg... Continue Reading →

The Low Anthem: Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

Oh My God, Charlie Darwin is the third and most recent release from The Low Anthem. I first heard the music of the trio when they ran around trading instruments on Mountain Stage. Founding members Ben Miller and Jeffrey Prystowsky have taken vocalist and clarinet player Jocie Adams into their fold. The result is an... Continue Reading →

The Low Anthem: What The Crow Brings

The Low Anthem's second album What The Crow Brings is a lovely and understated piece of work. At the time of the recording, The Low Anthem were just Ben Miller and Jeffrey Prystowsky. Guest vocalist and clarinet player Jocie Adams had officially transformed the masculine duo into a co-ed trio by the time I saw... Continue Reading →

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