The Vespers: Better Now Video

"Better Now" was the standout track from The Vespers' brilliant new album, The Fourth Wall, and the band recently released the official video for the song. The Fourth Wall remains one of my favorite albums of the year and you can expect to see it fairly high up on my top albums list in December.... Continue Reading →

The Vespers: Free EP Download

To celebrate the release of their brilliant new album, The Fourth Wall (click title for my rave review), The Vespers are offering a free, legal EP download. The EP includes three songs from the new album, two from their previous release and one new live track. You can download the mp3s by entering your email... Continue Reading →

The Vespers: The Fourth Wall

The Vespers' sophomore album, The Fourth Wall, will be released on April 3rd. Composed of sisters Callie and Phoebe Cryar and brothers Bruno and Taylor Jones, the Nashville quartet has been described by others as a "'Southern Folk Pop Family Band" and they call themselves "two sisters, two brothers, four friends, ten instruments, one fun... Continue Reading →

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