Molly Ringwald: When It Happens To You

Guest Post By: Brendan I expected When It Happens To You to be good... for Molly Ringwald, but thought that perhaps from another author it might be considered a disappointment. I was wrong. This is a remarkable work of fiction with glimpses of brilliance. The work is described as a collection of interlinked stories, but... Continue Reading →

Kurt Vonnegut: Look at the Birdie

Look at the Birdie is a new, posthumously published collection of short stories by late, great author Kurt Vonnegut. I always feel it's a little disrespectful for works to be published without the permission of their authors after their deaths, but I couldn't resist reading new material from my favorite author of all time. And... Continue Reading →

Haiku Book Review: The Dead

The Dead is a short story in The Dubliners by James Joyce. You can hear an audio version recorded by my Irish husband over at Librivox. Following is a haiku I wrote after recently re-reading the story: The Dead by James Joyce Snow on his shoulders Gathering, his heart bestirred Her secret sorrow Buy @... Continue Reading →

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