Sarah Fimm: New Instrumental Album, There Thy Beauty Lies

Sarah Fimm has gifted us with the perfect comfort music in this time of global distress. There Thy Beauty Lies is an exquisite collection of piano and string instrumentals. Available for free streaming or $7 download at Bandcamp. Sarah Fimm: There Thy Beauty Lies on Bandcamp

Sarah Fimm: Given Never Offered (Album Review)

Poet-painter-composer-singer-multi-instrumentalist wonder Sarah Fimm is the unique artist who manages to make every album in her prolific oeuvre innovative and exciting without ever losing the core of who she is as an artist. Her signature sound weaves a dark, gothic undercurrent with sultry, trippy beats (she’s toured with Bauhaus and Delerium), crashing piano, and her... Continue Reading →

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