Tree: Radiohead’s Karma Police Cover

Tree (a.k.a. Oliver Tree) just released the video for his cover of Radiohead's "Karma Police," which is featured on his debut EP Demons. You can watch the video and stream the EP in its entirety below. Tree's singing voice can't quite compare to that of Thom Yorke, but then whose can? What sets his cover... Continue Reading →

Ukulele Party!

Guest Post by: Brendan Muruch Editor Vic may not have been fond of Amanda Palmer's ukulele era, but I've been enjoying her performance of popular Radiohead hits on her Magical Ukulele: Even more awesome is the fact that she brought her ukulele to C-Span. Amanda's Ukulele anthem is among the free downloads available from her... Continue Reading →

Sonos: New Radiohead Cover Mp3

After I posted my review of SonoSings, I was granted permission to share an mp3 of their "Everything In Its Right Place" cover. I've edited the review to include the mp3. Buy @ Amazon Muruch Album Review

Sonos: SonoSings

Six-piece vocal ensemble Sonos perform a cappella covers of songs by popular indie artists. But this is no bland choir. Thanks to the presence of human beatbox Ben McLain and the innovative way their male and female harmonies are arranged, their covers are often more interesting than the originals. I was introduced to the group... Continue Reading →

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