Poetry: “How I Became Fatherless” by Kristin Chang

"We leave while he sleeps. In the slack-mouthed morning, we spit on the doorhinge to soften its sound. Every night my father falls asleep with his hands wringing the voice out of my throat. A blood-thin song trickling out of my mouth. I drive..." -Read the entire poem at Frontier.

Poetry: “Cherry Pie” by Charles Simic

"If it’s true that the devil has his finger In every pie, he must be waiting For the night to fall, the darkness to Thicken in the yard, so we won’t see him..." -Read the entire poem at Threepenny Review.

Poetry: “Potatoes” by Ace Boggess

"...I still hear his laughter: the sound of a man freed from prison, the sound of escape when all seems blessed, until that newness settles like snow into heaviness over all he sees." -Read the entire poem at Barzakh.

Poetry: “The Phoenicians” by Sarah Stickney

"If at night on a piece of paper I write now it is night and I sleep, when I wake it will be a lie. But when does truth leave? Like wings in a dream didn’t it have lift and dark body?..." -Read the entire poem and hear the audio version at The Puritan.

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