William Carlos Williams: Young Woman at a Window

Another essay I wrote for my poetry class, this time analyzing "imagism" in two different versions (the original upublished draft vs. the revised published version) of William Carlos Williams' "Young Woman at a Window." "Young Woman at a Window" by William Carlos Williams Show, Don’t Tell: Analyzing Imagism in Williams’ “Young Woman at a Window”... Continue Reading →

Katie Ford: Blood Lyrics (Poetry)

Katie Ford's upcoming poetry collection, Blood Lyrics, possesses an authentic fierceness of emotion coupled with a literary eloquence that is all too rare in modern poetry. Blood Lyrics will be released by Gray Wolf Press on October 21st. [ O where has our meadow gone? that which swept us here? the orange cosmos and aster?... Continue Reading →

Free Online Poetry Course

You can sign up for a free, no obligation, 10-week course on Modern American Poetry from the University of Pennsylvania at Coursera. There are no college credits awarded, but you can get a certificate of completion if you successfully finish the course. The class started two days ago, but it's fairly easy to catch up... Continue Reading →

Mary Lambert: I Know Girls (Body Love)

Aside from Patti Smith and Ani Difranco, I'm usually not a big fan of the singer-songwriter version of spoken word poetry. But Mary Lambert's "I Know Girls (Body Love)" is so good, so heartfelt and painfully real that it brought tears of recognition to my eyes. Until now the Seattle singer-songwriter has been best known... Continue Reading →

Leonard Cohen: New Song & Album

A stream of Leonard Cohen's new song, "Going Home," premiered today on The New Yorker. The lyrics of the song will be published in the January 23rd issue of The New Yorker and the song will be included on Cohen's upcoming studio album, Old Ideas. The album will be released on January 31st. Leonard Cohen... Continue Reading →

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