Movie Review: The Words

Please go see The Words in your local cinema! It's such a refreshingly intelligent, well written drama. If nothing else, it's worth the price of admission to encourage film making of actual substance. Not to mention to see the brilliant Jeremy Irons steal every scene he's in. The film should appeal to fans of Inception... Continue Reading →

DVD Review: Adam

Adam is an unconventional love story about two strangers falling in love and experiencing some unique complications in their relationship. Written and directed by Max Mayer, Adam stars Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, and Amy Irving. Rose Byrne plays school teacher and aspiring writer Beth, who has just moved into a new apartment building.... Continue Reading →

DVD Review: Of Time And The City

Of Time And The City is a unique film directed by Terence Davies that impressed occasional Muruch writer Brendan (Vic's Irish husband) so much that he was finally inspired to write another review... Brendan says: Terence Davies directs and narrates this eulogy to his hometown of Liverpool. It's a deeply personal film with universal themes,... Continue Reading →

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