Molly Ringwald: Except Sometimes

Yes, that Molly Ringwald. Her debut album, Except Sometimes, was released in April. It's taken me this long to review it, because I've wanted to like it so much more than I actually do. I've always loved just about anything Molly Ringwald does - from her Pretty in Pink acting years to her successful transformation... Continue Reading →

Molly Ringwald: When It Happens To You

Guest Post By: Brendan I expected When It Happens To You to be good... for Molly Ringwald, but thought that perhaps from another author it might be considered a disappointment. I was wrong. This is a remarkable work of fiction with glimpses of brilliance. The work is described as a collection of interlinked stories, but... Continue Reading →

The John Hughes Legacy

Regular readers know that I rarely post about the lives and deaths of celebrities here. But I was sad to hear that writer-director John Hughes died yesterday of a heart attack. I don't know much, if anything, about the man himself. But I am one of many whose memories are bound up in his films,... Continue Reading →

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