Movie Review: Words & Pictures

What a lovely film Words & Pictures is. Clive Owen plays an arrogant literature teacher andĀ Juliette Binoche is his equally arrogant art-teaching rival. Their inevitable romance is more sarcastic than sweet and the personal demons of the two teachers threaten to make their mock "war" real. The best parts of the film are the literary... Continue Reading →

Current Read: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is an award winning classic tale of a teenage boy's struggle to survive alone in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash...kinda like Lost if Jack was the only survivor on the island and the smoke monster was really just a homicidal moose. The adventure setting itself would be an interesting... Continue Reading →

Molly Ringwald: When It Happens To You

Guest Post By: Brendan I expected When It Happens To You to be good... for Molly Ringwald, but thought that perhaps from another author it might be considered a disappointment. I was wrong. This is a remarkable work of fiction with glimpses of brilliance. The work is described as a collection of interlinked stories, but... Continue Reading →

Muruch’s Top 10 Books of 2012

After a few years of delving into classic literature and non-fiction adventure books (mostly about exploring the Amazon and Mexican caves), I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy some new novels this year. I didn't post a book list last year, so I'm including one 2011 release I read this year. Please comment with your favorite... Continue Reading →

Theodora Goss: The Thorn & the Blossom

Muruch's Vic and Brendan popped into our local independent bookstore/cafe, Taylor Books, Friday night for some coffee and books. While Brendan nabbed a Roddy Doyle novel, Vic browsed for the fiction shelves for something new and unknown. The gold-lettered title The Thorn & the Blossom by Theodora Goss was shining under the twinkle lights on... Continue Reading →

The City of Your Final Destination

I had never even heard of The City of Your Final Destination until I was browsing my local video store last weekend. After seeing the film, I'm astounded that it wasn't at least nominated for an Oscar. Based on the novel by Peter Cameron and directed by James Ivory, The City of Your Final Destination... Continue Reading →

Kurt Vonnegut & Dave Soldier: Ice-9 Ballads

Ice-9 Ballads is the new soundtrack to Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel Cat's Cradle. A 1997 collaboration between the late, great author Vonnegut and composer Dave Soldier, the album features nine tracks that were directly inspired by the book. I didn't know quite what to expect when I first received it, but I can't imagine a... Continue Reading →

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