Interview: Bing Satellites

Guest Post By: Brendan Editor's Note: I was skeptical about the so-called "ambient" genre, but was very impressed when Brendan played me the instrumental music of Bing Satellites. It's beautiful, unusual and cinematic. In my quest for new music in recent weeks, I have been trawling Noisetrade and Bandcamp for free Electronica albums. I waded... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack: Water for Elephants

I have not seen the new film, Water for Elephants, which is based on Sara Gruen's novel. However, I have greatly enjoyed listening to the movie's soundtrack. The original score by composer James Newton Howard is a lovely collection of instrumentals both serene and dramatic. The rest of the album features Depression-era jazz and blues,... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack: Inception

Muruch husband and wife duo Brendan and Vic were among those enamoured with the new Leonard DiCaprio film Inception. Director Christoper Nolan's trippy intellectual dreamscape successfully combines the sci-fi plots and astounding effects of movies like The Matrix with a noirish mystery and settings seemingly ripped from the work of M.C. Escher. Being the movie... Continue Reading →

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