Boardwalk on Parenthood

Boardwalk's "I'm to Blame" will be featured on tomorrow night's episode of NBC's Parenthood. Boardwalk are Mike Edge and Amber Quintero and their song was first posted here in Muruch's Surfacing series back in June. You can stream and watch the video below. Boardwalk's self-titled, full-length debut is now available in CD, vinyl and mp3... Continue Reading →

Boardwalk: I’m To Blame

I love the new crop of unknown bands that have been emailing me lately. Boardwalk describes their music as "shoegaze," but this languid femme melody reminds me more of an electro-Mazzy Star. The California trio (Mike Edge, Amber Quintero & Mark Noseworthy) was just signed to Stones Throw Records and their self-titled debut album will... Continue Reading →

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