Florence + the Machine: High as Hope (Album Review)

Florence + the Machine's new album, High As Hope, is a beautiful, beguiling, and bold work of art. The standout tracks are: the gorgeously uncanny "Big God"; the lilting, ethereal "Sky Full of Song"; the exquisite piano ballad "Grace"; and "100 Years," which builds into a otherwordly, cacophonous choir of voice and percussion. The songs... Continue Reading →

Contrast Podcast 2011 Festive 50

Contrast Podcast's 2011 Festive 50 has been posted. Part 1 features Muruch's Vic introducing "Booty City" from Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybear's Scandalous and Part 2 has Brendan's poetic intro to "What The Water Gave Me" from Florence + The Machine's Ceremonials. Both albums were on Muruch's Top Albums of 2011 list. Contrast Podcast... Continue Reading →

Muruch’s Top 25 Albums of 2011

This year's top album list pretty much assembled itself throughout the year. The top 4 in particular are albums I expect to continue to listening to over and over for years to come. Click on the album titles to read the full reviews, purchase the albums, and, in some cases, download mp3s… Muruch’s Top 25... Continue Reading →

Florence + the Machine: Ceremonials

I've been holding my Top Albums of 2011 post back for a few weeks awaiting the arrival of Florence + the Machine's new album, Ceremonials. It was a wise decision, for it will most certainly be on the list. While the British band's brilliant debut, Lungs, wrapped its bold drama and striking vocal acrobatics in... Continue Reading →

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