Guy Davis: Juba Dance

Acoustic blues virtuoso Guy Davis will release his new album, Juba Dance, on September 10th. The album's thirteen tracks, most of which feature harmonica player Fabrizio Poggi, are a mix of Guy Davis originals and covers of songs by Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Rev. Robert Wilkins and Blind Willie McTell. Singer Lea Gilmore duets... Continue Reading →

Lucy Schwartz: Timekeeper

Lucy Schwartz will release her new album, Timekeeper, on August 27th. Gone is the sweet, soft singer-songwriter sound of 2008's Winter in June. In its place stands a multi-instrumental, multi-genre sound that encompasses the atmospheric, high energy electro-pop of Butterfly Boucher, the folk revival instrumentation of Mumford & Sons and a dash of Hannah Fury's... Continue Reading →

Molly Ringwald: Except Sometimes

Yes, that Molly Ringwald. Her debut album, Except Sometimes, was released in April. It's taken me this long to review it, because I've wanted to like it so much more than I actually do. I've always loved just about anything Molly Ringwald does - from her Pretty in Pink acting years to her successful transformation... Continue Reading →

Joshua Burnside: If You’re Goin’ That Way

Northern Irish, independent, "experimental folk" singer-songwriter Joshua Burnside's new EP, If You're Goin' That Way, is absolutely magnificent and, at only five tracks, far too brief. This guy smacks around the folk revival style of Mumford Sons with some Meursault electro-folk and good, ol' fashioned Nick Drake melody. You best pay attention. Electronic beats mingle... Continue Reading →

Introducing Lizabett Russo

Transylvanian-born, Scotland-based, independent singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo humbly submitted her exquisite debut EP, The Traveller's Song, to me for review. Upon listening, I'm shocked this girl isn't worldwide news. Lizabett describes the EP as "3 songs of sadness and joy." Each song has its own distinctively interesting style, but Lizabett's unusual voice is the big draw... Continue Reading →

The Coal Men: Escalator

The Coal Men's fourth release, Escalator, is solid Americana album set for release by Todd Snider's Aimless Records on August 27th. The standout tracks truly standout - particularly the Jack Whitesque blues-rock grind "Stuck" and the panoramic ballad "Tennessee." You can download a free, legal mp3 of the former and stream the latter below. Also... Continue Reading →

Valerie June: Pushin’ Against a Stone

Hold up, we have a new contender for album of the year! Set for release in the U.S. on August 13th by Concord Music (and already available in the U.K.), Valerie June's magnificent debut, Pushin' Against a Stone, is unlike anything you've ever heard before. The opener, "Workin' Woman Blues," is an acoustic blues masterpiece... Continue Reading →

The O’s: Thunderdog

The O's Thunderdog came to me with the eye-catching, lofty comparison to "The Avett Brothers, Gram Parsons, Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons." So I thought the band (or their PR rep) was either very brave or very foolish as I began to listen. Thankfully, the comparison was a testament to their courage, accuracy and,... Continue Reading →

Blue Meadow: 39th & 8th

Blue Meadow's 39th & 8th EP is a fantastic collection of soaring soul-pop with some fabulous harmonies. Highlights are "Hero," "Where Do We Go From Here (No)" and the truly grand finale, a Boyz II Men-like cover of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind." Buy @ Amazon

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