Movie Review: Words & Pictures

What a lovely film Words & Pictures is. Clive Owen plays an arrogant literature teacher andĀ Juliette Binoche is his equally arrogant art-teaching rival. Their inevitable romance is more sarcastic than sweet and the personal demons of the two teachers threaten to make their mock "war" real. The best parts of the film are the literary... Continue Reading →

Introducing Cross My Heart Hope to Die…

Cross My Heart Hope to Die is an exquisite new music/art project whose new EP, Vita E Morte, was just released this week. Cross My Heart Hope to Die features trippy, noirish music by producers DJ Muggs and Andrew Kline and sultry vocals by singer Bevi. The sound falls somewhere between trip-hop and Goth rock,... Continue Reading →

Throwing Muses: New Album, Stream & Video!

Yes, you read correctly: Throwing Muses have reunited and recorded a new album! Throwing Muses will release Purgatory/Paradise, their first album in a decade, in digital format on November 12th and in physical format on December 3rd. The physical set will include a deluxe 64-page art book along with the 32-track CD. If you're too... Continue Reading →

Valued Customer: Hush caution echoland

Guest Review by: Brendan I'm glad that Toronto band Valued Customer has given me the opportunity to get all fanboyish over James Joyce. On my first time through Finnegans Wake, I'm reveling in the language. Sure, I have no idea what's going on most of the time but it sounds so good. And that is... Continue Reading →

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