Highasakite: Free Mp3s!

Highasakite is offering 4 free, legal mp3s for download on Noisetrade. The mp3 sampler includes songs from their In and Out of Weeks EP along with "Since Last Wednesday" from their debut album, Silent Treatment. //www.noisetrade.com/service/widgetv2/3fbef6bb-28c0-464e-aa6c-0b98e6722e94

Highasakit​e: Silent Treatment

Norwegian indie-pop trio Highasakite's debut full-length album, Silent Treatment, is strange, beautiful and anything but predictable. With the lyric "Lover, where do you live? In the sky?", the album glides opens on a melodic, wistful breeze. The thunderous percussion of "Since Last Wednesday" and "Leaving No Traces" make for a sudden, drastic shift in sound.... Continue Reading →

Highasakite: New Videos & Mp3s

I must add my voice to Highasakite's growing international chorus of admirers. I've been seeing their name pop up all over the place since their smash performance at Øya Festival a few months ago, but as usual I was repelled by the hype. It wasn't until their new video, "My Soldier," recently premiered on a... Continue Reading →

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