Heart: Fanatic

Seminal female rock band Heart just released their fourteenth studio album, Fanatic. The album is somewhat of a companion to their new memoir, Kicking and Dreaming. I had a mixed reaction to the recording. It's one of those albums that's torn between magnificence and mediocrity. Thankfully, though, its strengths are far greater than its weaknesses.... Continue Reading →

Heart: Kicking and Dreaming

Ann and Nancy Wilson, the sisters behind seminal rock band Heart, just released their memoir entitled Kicking and Dreaming. In it, the sisters share details of their childhood, tumultous rise to fame in the 1970s, embarrassing big-haired success in the '80s, decline of their popularity in the '90s, various side projects since then, upcoming album,... Continue Reading →

Heart: Red Velvet Car

Heart returns on August 31st with Red Velvet Car, their first new studio album in six years. If you've never heard Heart's music or you've written them off as an '80s novelty act, I urge you to track down classic songs like "Barracuda," "Crazy on You," "Alone," "(Up On) Cherry Blossom Road," and pretty much... Continue Reading →

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