Muruch’s Top 25 Albums of 2013

It's that time of year again! Below are my personal favorite albums of 2013. This year the list fell together fairly easily - due both to the excellence of the following albums and the lackluster nature of their competition. Though I'm shocked by my #1 album, which only recently knocked two other favorites from the... Continue Reading →

Bing Satellites: The Dream

Guest Post By: Brendan Our friend Brin has released a new Bing Satellites EP, The Dream. It's a glorious concoction of sounds, representing a singular talent. If you haven't jumped into his world yet, now's your chance. Bing Satellites gets several hours of play each week in the Muruch house and has become a respite... Continue Reading →

Interview: Bing Satellites

Guest Post By: Brendan Editor's Note: I was skeptical about the so-called "ambient" genre, but was very impressed when Brendan played me the instrumental music of Bing Satellites. It's beautiful, unusual and cinematic. In my quest for new music in recent weeks, I have been trawling Noisetrade and Bandcamp for free Electronica albums. I waded... Continue Reading →

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