Muruch Lives!

And we're back! I'm still working to restore Muruch's archives from recent years, but it's moved to a new host and back online.

Susan Swartwout:Odd Beauty, Strange Fruit (Poetry)

Susan Swartwout’s exquisite poetry collection, Odd Beauty, Strange Fruit, captures, under dirty mason jar glass, a visceral, grotesque, and, at times, beautifully demented circus of Southern Gothic aesthetics. “When our eyes have opened to shadows in mote-thick air of the circus tent, when old men’s droning of what circus once was and mothers’ sibilant scolding to... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Negrito: Last Days of Oakland

Fantastic Negrito’s debut full-length album, The Last Days of Oakland, churns classic blues, soul, and funk with modern garage rock like somebody spun Lead Belly, Buddy Guy, Otis Redding, and Black Joe Lewis records in a blender. Fantastic Negrito, led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Dphrepaulezz, first caught my attention jammin’ with Jamal in a club... Continue Reading →

Helen Simonson: The Summer Before the War

The Summer Before the War is the fabulous followup to Helen Simonson’s delightful debut novel, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. The book tells the tale of an independent female teacher and the rigidly old-fashioned community who hires (and judges) her, blissfully ignorant of world events that will soon threaten their idyllic, Edwardian way of life. Somewhere between Lark Rise... Continue Reading →

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