Widowspeak: New & Old Songs

Widowspeak’s femme pop-folk sound somehow manages to be airy and moody at the same time, falling somewhere between Mazzy Star and Elysian Fields. I’m not sure why their sophomore album, Almanac, didn’t connect with me enough to review when it was released in January. Perhaps the combination of winter weather and the overwhelming glut of year-end lists and New Year releases. Whatever the reason, I gave it another spin in the summer sun and loved it. Widowspeak will release their new EP, The Swamps, on October 29th. You can hear the first single, “True Believer,” below as well as two tracks from Almanac, “The Dark Age” and “Ballad of the Golden Hour.”


Buy Almanac @ Amazon

Buy The Swamps EP @ Amazon (available Oct. 29th)

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