Bipolar Sunshine: Blossom Mp3

"Blossom" is a trippy, electro-pop song by Manchester Bipolar Sunshine (a.k.a Kid British's former frontman, Adio Marchant) from his new Aesthetics EP. You can stream the song below and download the free, legal mp3 by signing up for Bipolar Sunshine's mailing list at his official site

Feed Readers

As I posted in March, Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st. So if you have been using Google Reader to keep up with Muruch, you will need to add Muruch's RSS Feed to the rss reader or app of your choice. Like most working Americans, I am stuck using free, web-based readers... Continue Reading →

Devotchka: Free Mp3s

By: Brendan Perhaps best known for their work with Mychael Danna on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, Devotchka recently released a live album recorded with the Colorado Symphony. The live album includes my favorite of their songs, "How it Ends" (adapted into "The Winner Is" for the aforementioned soundtrack). The song can be downloaded for... Continue Reading →


By: Brendan I recently enjoyed the movie Take Me Home - particularly the original songs by Bootstraps. At the time of writing, the band's self-titled debut is available for just $3.89 at Amazon, and you can stream it below... Buy @ Amazon

Scott Alarick: Revival

Scott Alarick's Revival is a beautifully crafted, eloquent, heartfelt novel about folk music, the enduring bonds of love and friendship, and the equally heavy burdens of doubtful youth and regret-filled age. There are undeniable elements of Crazy Heart in the romance between the novel's washed up, alcoholic, folk curmudgeon and his feisty, young, female protégé.... Continue Reading →

Cassie Taylor: Out of My Mind

Judging from the title and cover art, I expected Cassie Taylor's new album, Out of My Mind, to be some kind of avante-pop or alterna-rock. Instead Out of My Mind is a wonderfully bluesy, though still unusual, collection. Turns out Cassie is the daughter of Otis Taylor. The standout tracks on her album are the... Continue Reading →


Hugo is a NYC-based, Thai-English singer-songwriter signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. He has several songs on his SoundCloud page and each of them defies genre. He plays around with rock, pop, psychedelic folk, even bluegrass and rap - sometimes within the same song. But it doesn't feel disjointed or disingenuous. Very interesting. Buy @... Continue Reading →

White Lies: New Album, Singles & Mp3!!!!

White Lies will release their new album, Big TV, on August 20th and you can download a free, legal mp3 of the first single, "Get Even," and stream the latest single, "There Goes Our Love Again," below. The songs continue the band's signature dark, retro '80s synth-rock sound, but seem a bit more catchy this... Continue Reading →

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