One Mile An Hour

One Mile An Hour is another remarkable band who sought Muruch out personally. They built their own ocean-view studio to record their brilliant, self-produced, self-titled debut album, which they accurately call a “complex, introverted outsider-folk record.”

The first thing I noticed about the CD was that the disc looks like a mini vinyl LP. Extra cool points for that. Then there’s the music – airy, panoramic, beautiful, unusual folk music.

Swirling, psychedelic folk guitar riffs, slightly raspy and softly plaintive vocals. A bit of Ray LaMontagne, a little Elliot Smith, even hints of Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd and something totally Other – a ghostly, intangible mood. This is why I love music, why I love writing about music. This is inspiration.

Standout tracks are “Sunken Ships,” “Trouble’s Roots,” “You Are On Beach,” “Magpie Song” and “Nine Eight.” But really, it’s a singular, magnificent record from beginning to end.

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