Ian McFeron: Time Will Take You

Ian McFeron’s seventh album, Time Will Take You, will be released April 2nd. What a delight this little folk-rock gem is! It’s probably no coincedence two members of Ryan Adams’ band The Cardinals play on the album, it produces the same immediate reaction of refreshment and affection as Adams’ Gold – though there’s more of a classic country-folk swagger to many of McFeron’s songs.

I especially love “How The Money Comes,” a classic, The Band-like folk-rock anthem with the catchy chorus:

Tryin’ to keep my skillet greasy, keep my pockets filled,
Money comes, but it don’t come easy
‘xpect it never will.

Other highlights include the higher energy Americana track “Down the Road,” the gorgeous season setters “The First Cold Day of Fall” and “You Are Like The Sun,” the comfortable downhome ditties “Good to be Back Home” and “Back to the Farm (Life is Good)” and the wistful long distance love affair “That’s The Truth.”

Ian McFeron – How the Money Comes (mp3)*

*mp3 posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep for limited time


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