The Veda Rays: Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays

The Veda Rays will release their debut, Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays, on September 20th. The songs on this unusual album were inspired by a series of odd and often tragic events in the lives of the band and their loved ones, including breakups, addictions, homelessness, deaths, legal issues and bizarre roommates. Led by singer-guitarist Jim Stark, the band describes their sound as “Art-house rock & roll.”

The opener “All Your Pretty Fates” hints at a Pulp-like, Brit-rock style. “Honey Pot” follows with a nod to 80’s-era The Cure of Jesus & Mary Chain. “Our Ford” mingles Garage rock with shimmering, muffled pop, and “Deleted” begins as an unexpectedly sparse ballad before launching into space.

Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays 2011 Uploaded by The Veda Rays


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