Allison Crowe: Exclusive Premiere of 2 New Mp3s!

Muruch has long championed the music of brilliant, incomparable Canadian singer-songwriter, Allison Crowe and she often rewards our loyalty with exclusives such as this one. Allison will soon release a “Double-A Side Single” of her original piano song “Arthur” and a guitar cover of Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain.” This year also marks the tenth anniversary of Allison’s record label, Rubenesque Records Ltd. To celebrate, she is generously allowing us here at Muruch to exclusively premiere the following free, 100% legal mp3s of her two new songs for two weeks. So download the mp3s while you can, enjoy the YouTube Videos, then go buy the digital double single and/or Allison’s other albums – I promise they’re all worth every penny!

Allison Crowe – Arthur (mp3 expired)*
Allison Crowe – Up to the Mountain (mp3 expired)*

*mp3s provided by & posted for 2 weeks w/ permission of artist’s manager – after that purchase the mp3s via Allison’s Bandcamp

Allison Crowe – Arthur (YouTube Video)*
Allison Crowe – Up to the Mountain (YouTube Video)*

*videos uploaded by artist’s manager

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Allison Crowe

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2 thoughts on “Allison Crowe: Exclusive Premiere of 2 New Mp3s!

  1. So good! Her voice is as stunning as ever!
    Cant wait for the new album…thanks for posting these! totally made my day when i heard them!

  2. Hi Muruch!! Thanks, always, for sharing your love of arts and entertainment. Your and appreciation and support of Allison and her music over the years is greatly heartening!

    Fun, too, now that Rubenesque Records has reached its 10th birthday – following Muruch to this joyous mark!!

    Sláinte mhaith, indeed 🙂

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