Carrie Rodriguez: Seven Angels On A Bicycle

I believe I first heard Carrie Rodriguez on Folk Alley, then read the post about her at The Late Greats, and later discovered that she played Mountain Stage. Carrie’s Southern keen at times calls to mind Kasey Chambers. She sings and plays fiddle on Seven Angels On A Bicycle, which also features Bill Frisell on electric guitar, Chip Taylor on acoustic guitar, and a blend of pedal steel, lap steel, Dobro, upright bass, saxophone, and banjo. The sound leans heavily into the country, but there also also hints of folk and jazz.

The opening title track and “’50s French Movie” have a steady, determined rhythm to them, and “Seven Angels On A Bicycle” mixes a surprising touch of brass in with the twang. Then the fiddle heavy “Never Gonna Be Your Bride” kicks it up into an Appalachian hootenanny whirl.

“Dirty Leather” and “I Don’t Want To Play House Anymore” deepen into a bluesier, steel-edged tone, and Carrie’s voice soars into a wail above the eerie fiddle of “Waterbound”. While tracks like “He’s Already Gone” and “St. Peter’s” slow and soften the music beneath Carrie’s sweet vocals.

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