The Innocence Mission: We Walked In Song

The Innocence Mission’s new album, We Walked In Song, was released last week. I’ve been a fan of the band since 1995’s Glow, which I randomly bought on cassette back in the day without having heard even one note. Back then they were often compared to The Cranberries or The Sundays, but The Innocence Mission has long since broken free of any comparisons. The band has recorded and toured with Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, and 16 Horsepower among others. Most notable of these collaborations was the angelic duet of “When They Ring The Golden Bells” with Natalie Merchant on her Ophelia album. We Walked In Song is not an epic departure from the band’s previous works, but it is as lovely as anything else they’ve recorded.

The purely dulcet tones and heartfelt lyrics of Karen Peris carry airy and mellow songs like the ode to random encounters, “Brotherhood of Man”, and the bittersweet “Lake Shore Drive”.

Karen also plays baritone acoustic guitar, piano, and pump organ as well as Hammond organ, while Don Peris provides backing vocals, nylon string guitar, drums, and Hammond organ, and Mike Bitts contributes upright and electric bass guitars. The trio met and begin playing together in high school.

Tracks like “Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning” hint at the shimmering retro-pop harmony of Mamas and Papas. Other highlights are the sweet and pretty softness of “Since I Still Tell You My Every Day” and the gentle closing track, “My Sisters Return From Ireland”.

Innocence Mission – Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning (mp3)

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3 thoughts on “The Innocence Mission: We Walked In Song

  1. The Innocence MIssion self-titled debut album is still one of my favorite albums ever but that’s the only one I listen to frequently.Also, “When They Ring the Golden Bells” is on “Ophelia” 😉

  2. Doh! Thanks for the correction. I knew it was Ophelia, but I guess the two albums are so tied together in my mind I didn’t notice the typo.

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