Vienna Teng: Dreaming Through The Noise

Vienna Teng’s third album, Dreaming Through The Noise, layers her beautiful voice with intimate, dramatic lyrics and intricate melodies. Piano, accordion, mandolin, pedal steel, and a heavy dose of horns, strings, and percussion give the album a mix of jazz, pop, and what Vienna refers to as “chamber-folk”.

“Blue Caravan” begins the album with soft strings and piano beneath Vienna’s rich vocals, which remain deep and soulful until they soar toward the end of the song. The song is one of many on the album that contains uniquely poetic and poignant lyrics, such as “he was a beautiful fiction I invented to keep out the cold.

“Whatever You Want” veers into a slightly faster paced piano pop sound. “Love Turns 40” slides into a slower, jazz mood with a strong bass beat. Vienna’s sweet vocals and piano at first take center stage on “I Don’t Feel So Well” before the strings kick up again.

“City Hall” is a pretty piano ballad. The vocals are hushed and sultry on “Transcontinental, 1:30 A.M.”, which again delves into a jazzier sound with a trumpet finale.

“1BR/1BA” combines a heavy bass beat with twangy strings and humorous lyrics told in the form of a classified advertisement. “Now Three” has tinkling piano and stirring strings beneath Vienna’s lovely voice.

The haunting “Pontchartrain” is the stand out track on the album. The song was inspired by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, though the subject is handled in a subtle way through morbid and melancholy poetry. The track begins with a soft jazz piano sound before whining strings build into an angelic choir created by the multi-tracking of Vienna’s voice.

“Recessional” is another highlight, ending this exquisite album with quiet piano and horns beneath velvety vocals singing perfectly heartfelt prose.

I was not granted permission to share mp3s from this album, but you can listen to samples from it here and hereVienna Teng’s Official Site
Vienna on MySpace

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