big beautiful sky

Per request:
Erykah Badu – Tyrone

One of the best breakup songs ever.

And now, my top 7 songs at the moment:

1. Venus Hum – Montana

I love love love this song so much. It’s been in my top five for nearly a year now. Montana is a good title for it. The lyrics, music, and beautiful female vocals have this almost indescribable spacious feel to them – summed up in the chorus of “big beautiful sky.”

2. A Girl Called Eddy – Golden

Another beautiful female voice that has an unusual angelic yet throaty lilt to it.  The music is both melodramatic and peaceful.

3. Nine Inch Nails – Only

I think I’m in the minority in loving NIN’s new direction, but I do. Especially on this one. Trent Reznor’s vocals and the lyrics are still on the dark side, but the music has more of a pop/electronic beat to it than their old material.

4. The Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon

You may recognize it as the theme to the Dennis Leary show Rescue Me. Though I think most of The Von Bondies song don’t stand out much in the sea of “The” bands, this is one great rock song.

5. Suzie McNeill – Bohemian Rhapsody

I am pathetically obsessed with Rockstar: INXS. I tried to resist, I did. But it was the singers that got me. I especially love the voices of Ty Taylor  and Suzie McNeil, and I thought Suzie kicked ass on this one. Well, the encore was better (this one’s a bit off on the “let me go” part), but I thought this performance as a whole (her theatrics & the choir) was spectacular. It’s nice to hear a female voice covering Queen.

You can also download mp3s from Suzie’s old band Fourstar here.

6. The White Stripes – My Doorbell

I think the video hooked me more than the song, but I sure do like that piany playin’. 🙂

7. The Caesars – Jerk It Out

I think I first heard this in an episode of Veronica Mars. It’s another good rock tune, with a very catchy hook.

Top 10 most scrobbled artists last week:

1 Nine Inch Nails
2 Elysian Fields
3 Queen Adreena
4 Elton John
5 Leonard Cohen
6 Santana
7 The Distillers
8 Ryan Adams
9 Natasha Bedingfield
10 Ty Taylor

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